If you like it, wear it!

Happy Sunday! Here's another week of outfits for you guys! As I said before, I will not be doing themed weeks anymore. At the beginning of the year, I realized there were so many clothes that I had never worn. That didn't stop me from my weekly TJ Maxx trips. But, it was definitely time... Continue Reading →

Create Your Own Sunshine

Happy Sunday! This week is a short week due to Thanksgiving break! I see a lot of you have a full week off! Lucky! Lucky! I will only be at work on Monday and Tuesday because we're off the rest of the week! I was looking through my closet to find a color the I... Continue Reading →

Maxi Season Isn’t Over Yet!

Okay guys. Fall is almost here, 27 days to go to be exact (but who's counting?). But while we have a little more summer left, let's get through the rest of these Maxi skirts. Friday I will be wearing my school logo shirt because we have our back to school cookout for the staff and... Continue Reading →

Summer Yellow OOTD

It's summer time! Some of us are summer school teachers and some of us, like me, work at a year-round preschool! I have always struggled with finding something professional to wear in this hot summer heat!¬†One way that I set up my outfits for the week is by choosing a color. This makes it easy... Continue Reading →

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