The Color of Truth is Grey

Happy Monday! I obviously had today off due to the holiday! I took the weekend to relax and actually enjoy my days off. That being said, I know what you're really here for. Tuesday Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty warm, so I will be wearing this sleeveless striped tunic with leggings. I usually pair... Continue Reading →

Burgundy OOTW

Happy Sunday! Long time no talk! This past week was really about my establishing a new routine due to new responsibilities at work. Now that it's all figured out, let's get back to the more important stuff! Also, I will no longer be linking similar items. I don't want to support brands or clothes that... Continue Reading →

Made You Blush (Pink Week)

Happy Labor Day! For most of us, this means it is officially back to school time! I am excited to meet all of my new kiddos! For my first week back, I'm wearing blush pink. Keep reading to see just what I'm wearing for this four day week! Tuesday Tomorrow, I have this really cute... Continue Reading →

Maxi Season Isn’t Over Yet!

Okay guys. Fall is almost here, 27 days to go to be exact (but who's counting?). But while we have a little more summer left, let's get through the rest of these Maxi skirts. Friday I will be wearing my school logo shirt because we have our back to school cookout for the staff and... Continue Reading →

A Week of Teacher Outfits

I know a lot of you have already started professional development and some of you have even gone back to school already. Tomorrow is my first ever professional development and I am so excited. I have spent all day getting ready for the week. If you have seen my other OOTD posts, then you know... Continue Reading →

OOTD Mint Edition

Happy Wednesday! As I have said before, I typically pick a color to follow for a week. This week, I have chosen green. Right now, I only have three mint colored items, but I plan to expand more. I don't care what anyone says, shopping is a hobby! It takes pure skill to raid the... Continue Reading →

One outfit, two seasons!

Okay guys! I think this is my favorite so far this week! I was putting this together last night, trying to figure out the best way to style it. I paired this patterned top with Anne Klein mustard colored pants. I threw on cream colored flats that matched my bag perfectly. I like to experiment... Continue Reading →

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