Budget tips!

Happy Friday! I'm here with some budget tips. This is especially important as we are coming up on the holiday season! I am usually pretty stocked up on the basics and necessities and that helps to limit frivolous spending when I really don't need to. I stock up on these things during sales and usually... Continue Reading →

Breakfast Meal Prep!

Happy Wednesday! This week, I was looking for new meals for breakfast. As you all know, I have two favorites that I usually rely on. Either my egg muffin frittatas or my turkey bacon, egg and cheese on french toast sandwich. They sound so amazing! I know! But, it was time to throw something new... Continue Reading →

Productive Morning Routine

I have a set night and morning routine that was adapted from a bunch of different YouTube channels. If you haven't read my productive night routine, I will link it at the end of this blog. The first thing I do when I wake up is make my bed. This is a new thing that... Continue Reading →

Productive Night Routine

Hey guys! While I may seem like one of the most unproductive people in the world, I promise I'm not! I will also be posting a productive morning routine blog that will go along with this one. My routine is super simple and something that I have found helps to keep me productive. The first... Continue Reading →

Pinterest Meal Prep

If you're super busy like me, you do not have time to make three meals a day, every day. I like to do my meal prep on Sunday and eat it throughout the week. It limits my food waste and saves me so much time and money throughout the week. Since I started meal prepping,... Continue Reading →

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