Two in Blue!

Happy Tuesday! Like most teachers, I had yesterday off! My extended weekends are always the hardest for me to get blog posts up! That being said, I had an amazing weekend and I hope you all did as well. I won't post my outfit from today, but feel free to check it out on my... Continue Reading →

Duck for President

Happy Wednesday! Scholars had yesterday off because we had a Professional Development Day on Election Day. We originally did not know we were going to have this PDD, so we had this activity planned for social studies to explain an elections in a fun way. First, we listened to the story 'Duck for President' on... Continue Reading →

Olive for Fall!

Happy Sunday!   This week, I had a little bit more trouble coming up with a color for this week. I looked through my closet and found that there were random colors that had not been worn. So I have a choice, I can either go shopping to finish the colors that I have left... Continue Reading →

Halloween in a Charter School

Happy Halloween! I had a completely different blog post in mind! I planned on coming on here and telling you all about all the fun and spooky things we did in school today. That is not the case. I have worked at so many places and no matter where I have been, we have celebrated... Continue Reading →

Lesson Planning

Happy Wednesday! This week is just flying by! I am so happy this was such a short week because I felt so unprepared with my lesson prepping. I thought this would be a great idea for a blog post because it will convince me to get it together! I know that I previously said that... Continue Reading →

Fall Senses Activities

Happy Wednesday! The past couple of weeks, we have been learning about our senses during listening and learning. We typically will relate whatever we're doing in listening and learning to our science activities. We've done so much with apples and we were able to do so many science related activities. Sense of Sight:¬† Photo Credit:¬† Continue Reading →

The Color of Truth is Grey

Happy Monday! I obviously had today off due to the holiday! I took the weekend to relax and actually enjoy my days off. That being said, I know what you're really here for. Tuesday Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty warm, so I will be wearing this sleeveless striped tunic with leggings. I usually pair... Continue Reading →

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