Declutter December (Pt 2)

Happy Wednesday! Here we are with another declutter/organizational blog post. I mentioned many times about my addiction to TJ Maxx. Well, that addiction has led to quite the clutter. I organized my closets over the summer in order to ensure all the clothes that usually hung out in the back, were still being worn. It... Continue Reading →

Declutter December (Pt 1)

Hello! Happy Wednesday! I posed a survey on my Instagram, asking people if they wanted me to do a Declutter December challenge. Last week, I decluttered my kitchen cabinets and it made me want to do the whole house. While I am a pretty neat and tidy person, I also have a bit of a... Continue Reading →

DIY Marble Countertops

All this time off during the summer, has made me super unproductive. I’m pretty sure all the teachers out there know exactly what I’m talking about. In order to get back into a more functioning routine, I’ve been giving myself a daily to-do list that is jam packed with cleaning and apartment decor updates. One... Continue Reading →

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