5 Self-Care Tips for Teachers!

Good morning and Happy Sunday!

I don’t know about you all, but I have three days left until school starts. Believe it or not, I am ready! I don’t do well without structure and am waiting impatiently to get some back in my life.

That being said, with the new year upon us, it is time to focus on the important things. Self-care! I am telling you, it is more important than you realize!

Keep your weekends to yourself!

We all know that teachers do not just work 40 hours a week. That being said, you should at the very least be taking the weekend for yourself. I typically try to have all of my lesson planning for the following week, done by Friday. I know that no one wants to stay late on Friday, but it’s better than missing out on what little time you have on the weekend to cram all the planning in.

Eat lunch on your lunch break!

I know this sounds crazy but it is so important. In kindergarten, at least at my school, it’s kind of frowned upon to take a lunch break. It was the craziest thing to me because if anyone needs 30 minutes to rest, relax, and revive themselves….it is definitely a kindergarten teacher in the month of September. I probably started taking a lunch break every other day after the first trimester was over. Even when I did, I always felt like the other teachers were annoyed that I did. It was a really uncomfortable feeling. This year, I have to take that time for myself, no matter how anyone feels. I am entitled to take a lunch break that doesn’t involve PLC or eating lunch with my kids. I love them but we all need a break, so take it!

Use your sick days!

I am the absolute worst at this. I have been taught that sick days are for emergencies only and even then you really shouldn’t take them off. They are given to you, so use them. There is nothing wrong with taking a mental health day and we really need to stop making employees feel like it is. Now, I’m not saying to take every other Monday off because you don’t feel like coming in. Let’s be honest, we all work with someone like this. But, the days are there for you to use and to be used the way you want to. Whether your child is home sick, you’re home sick, or you just can’t work to the best of your ability because you’re so stressed out with school. These are all valid reasons to use your sick day. You can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of you.

Build relationships with your team!

This may seem like a silly one but it is so important! Think about how much time you spend with you team, whether that be a co-teacher or your grade level! Having a good relationship with that person can make your days so much smoother. You don’t want to spend 180 school days (and then some) with someone that you’ve never built a relationship with. It’s not good for your students and it definitely isn’t good for you. Even as teachers, we are learning everyday. It definitely makes it easier to ask for help or advice from someone you’ve built a relationship with and really understands what you’re going through on the day-to-day.

Clean your desk every day!

What?!? Yes, you heard me! Clean your desk every day! I can not tell you how many times I’ve seen people start their day on a sour note because the first they come into in the morning is a messy and cluttered desk. It takes that much longer for you to prepare for the day and typically can set some people off. I see on Instagram all the time, teachers complaining about coming in to a messy desk and wishing they had just done it the night before! I will tell you right now, I typically keep my desk pretty clutter free and the one time I left my desk a mess….(Insert angry face emoji!). I was so annoyed all morning and it was literally my fault. Avoid all of that by just tidying up your desk at the end of the day!

These are just a few of the things that I think are important. As a teacher, we deal with a lot and have a lot that is expected of us. The only way to make it through and maintain that joy you feel by being a teacher, is to take care of yourself. Think about the things you do to keep yourself sane. Leave them in the comments!

Thank you for reading through to the end and I will see you next week!

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