Keeping My House Clean!

Good Afternoon and Happy Sunday!

Today, I’m back with my new cleaning routine. As you all know, I have moved my house around a bit to make way for my first foster care placement. With a new child, comes new cleaning habits. I live alone right now and do laundry once a week and slowly limited my cleaning to Sundays.

So, how do I plan on maintaining my hotel-like home with a child? Here are some tips I found from Pinterest and YouTube. If you check out my Home Pinterest Board, you will see I have a whole section dedicated to cleaning. I tailored them a bit to make them fit my needs, so let’s go!


I used to save my big cleaning for Sundays. Not anymore! (Insert shocked emoji face) While I will no longer be cleaning on Sundays, I still plan to do my grocery shopping. The earlier, the better because that’s when all of the fresh fruits, vegetables and new packaging is put on the shelves. After meal planning for the week and shopping the circular, we’ll be ready to go. I think it is important, once the child arrives, to have a day that is dedicated to quality time. Other than grocery shopping and cooking, I don’t plan to do anything on Sundays except self-care.


I found this list on Pinterest and I think it is one of my favorites. This is also what led me to not want to clean on Sundays anymore. If I put the loads in the washer and dryer in the morning and put it away at night, it saves me so much time and stress. It literally takes minutes to switch loads over and can be done at the beginning and end of my morning workout. Afternoons when I come home from work are when I plan to do the other daily chores. Mondays are reserved for the bedroom. I have two bedrooms and an office/playroom that will be dedicated to Mondays. Tuesdays are reserved for the bathrooms and towels. I am the aesthetic queen and have matching towels sets. Pink and tan to match the rose gold and champagne aesthetic of my bathroom. I do shower twice a day everyday and therefore change my towels out more often then most people. Also, I have 1.5 bathrooms and have to make sure I keep up with the downstairs bathroom. Because I don’t use it (guests only) I tend to forget to clean it and make sure it’s stocked with supplies. Wednesdays are reserved for the kitchen and light clothes. I also have multiple kitchen towels sets, thanks to TJMaxx and their ever changing supply of hand towels. I change those out daily and have more than enough to hold me over. Thursdays are for the living/dining room and dark clothes. Kiko sheds a lot and I actually end up having to lint roll the couch more than once a week (especially if I have guests over). Other than that, everything else can be saved until Thursday. Fridays are for white clothes and basic household maintenance. The things that you don’t really think to clean until its spring cleaning time can get really gross if you let it. Rotating through these once a week will allow you to keep up those hard to keep places.


Saturdays are for whatever laundry items you didn’t get through the week. I’m a one load a day kind of girl, so if happened to be a heavy dark clothes kind of week (Hint Hint, Fall is coming!), then the extra clothes would be done on Saturday. This is also dedicated to outside work such as lawn maintenance, car cleaning and whatever other maintenance you all have outside your homes.

Anyway, there you have it. If you check out my Cleaning Pinterest Section, you will find MANY other cleaning strategies to help you keep your house in order with minimal cleaning every day! Have any other tips? Be sure to leave them in the comments and I will see you all next Sunday!

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