All These Stripes!

Happy Sunday!

I’m coming to you a bit late today, but I’m hoping these quality pictures will make up for it. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen the photoshoot I had this morning just for you guys!


I have worn this outfit before and I will link the week in which I wore it. Click Here. This is such a comfy top and I love it, but I am still looking for other ways to wear it. Suggestions? The only difference from the last time I wore this outfit and know, is my choice of shoes. Last time I wore this, one of my students accidentally wrote on me with green marker. Luckily, these boots cover that up and like they say, ‘No harm, no foul.’


On Tuesday, I’m dressing it down a bit. These pants are my SUPER old ones from New York & Company. The top was purchased at H&M in NYC about four years ago I believe. The cardigan is a new purchase. I managed to get through all of my clothes and got rid of things that had no business taking up space. Obviously I celebrated at TJ Maxx. This cardigan is so unbelievably soft and I just love the colors! I paired this with my H&M pumps.


On Wednesday, I decided to dress it back up. The blazer and heels are from H&M. The top and pants are from TJ Maxx. I love this top so much! It is sleeveless, so I typically pair it with a blazer in order to dress it up more.


On Thursday, I have this familiar outfit. I’ve worn this outfit before, but dressed it up by forgoing the cardigan. To see how I wore this outfit before, click here. By adding softer jewelry and a cardigan, I think this outfit looks a lot more relaxed.


On Friday, I am dressed down and super comfy! I have this sleeveless tunic, paired with leggings and riding boots. It is pretty loose fitting, so I added a waist belt. This is also an outfit that I’ve worn before. I typically wear this tunic the same way because I haven’t found another way to wear it. Suggestions? I would love to get more use out of it.

Thank you guys so much for your patience! I hope you guys like the pictures. They were a lot of work, but definitely worth it! Let me know what you guys think!



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