OOTW (Blue)

Good Afternoon and Happy Sunday!

I had a blue week back in September and you can see that blog post here. Some of these pieces are recycled from that week. Click the link to see different ways to use these items!


On Monday, I have this fancy outfit picked out. I’m not sure the type of pants these are. They’re longer than capris but shorter than pants. They are also the perfect pop of color. The top is white with a geometric pattern on it. The tie at the neck helps to dress it up. I threw this blazer on and there we go for Monday!

On Tuesday, I have this outfit picked out. I bought this top recently on clearance. Love the pattern and colors but have had trouble trying to figure out an outfit for the winter time. I think by adding this vest and boots, I am able to make this a year round outfit. I have so many ideas how to wear this in the spring and I can’t wait until it gets warmer out.

On Wednesday, I have this very blue outfit. Last time that I wore this top, I paired it with the light blue pants I have for Tuesday. This cardigan was shrunk a little, which turned out in my favor because it now it fits perfectly. I paired it with these cream pants to help break up the blue.

On Thursday, I have my favorite outfit! My favorite outfit for my favorite day of the week! I have this polka dotted flowy top paired with these navy blue pants. I bought this cardigan years ago at Macy’s. My sister has a matching cardigan in purple. I wish I had more colors. The shoes are a very obvious different color than the top but it is so far away, that you don’t noticed when everything is on.

On Friday, I have this super casual outfit planned. This shirt is super flowy and I usually pair it with a belt. There are very small beige lines in the top which match the pants perfectly. There’s so many different ways to wear this top, but this ma be my favorite.

If you have not seen my Instagram yet, you should definitely follow me. You get to see all of my outfits in real time and how they all look put together. Thank you for the support!



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