Back to School OOTW

Good Afternoon and Happy Sunday!

Like most of you probably, I go back to school on Wednesday! I can’t say that I’m complaining because this break was much needed! That being said, I only have three outfits this week for you! I am considering going back into my color weeks. It’s been so long since I’ve just picked random outfits and it’s so hard for me to go back to that. I have my routine now and I kind of like it, so I’m bringing it with me into the New Year. That’s enough of my rambling, I know what you’re really here for. 



On Wednesday, I have this outfit picked out. If you remember, I posted this outfit before and never got around to wearing it. We had an employee event and had to wear our school shirts. This is still one of my favorite style shirts and I haven’t yet picked up the other colors from TJ Maxx. Don’t you worry though, I will get to it! 



On Thursday, I have this semi-casual outfit picked out. I think I told you the story of this beautiful top before. I washed it with my chapstick and the stains haven’t come out. I have this blazer paired with this outfit because it hides the stains. I’ve only worn this top twice and am not quite ready to let it go. 



On Friday, I have this cute chiffon top paired with these grey pants. I think I’ve worn this top before with my polka dotted pencil skirt. These light pants and cardigan help to keep the outfit light and casual. 

As always, you can find these outfits in action on my Instagram! Make sure to check me out for daily updates! Thank you for your support and I will see you on Thursday with a post on my New Year’s goals! 



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