Declutter December (Pt 2)

Happy Wednesday!

Here we are with another declutter/organizational blog post. I mentioned many times about my addiction to TJ Maxx. Well, that addiction has led to quite the clutter. I organized my closets over the summer in order to ensure all the clothes that usually hung out in the back, were still being worn. It was either that or start getting rid of things. During this process, I found clothes that I had forgotten about. I also found some clothes that were better left in the back of the closet. This helped me to get rid of the things I didn’t want/need and make room for new purchases…eventually.

I took some pictures of my closets so that I could explain to you how they’re organized and how I so easily go through all of my clothes. I must preface this by saying I have a lot of closets. I am blessed enough to have as much closet space as I do, which also makes it easier to organize. I also organize all of my closets the same way: black, grey, white and then in rainbow order.

Work Closet


As you can see, there are a few hangers that are black. The clothes on the black hangers have not been worn this year. I originally only had black hangers and when I switched to white hangers, I used this as an opportunity to track the clothes I wore. I wouldn’t suggest this system unless you were trying to change over your hangers. It definitely looks more organized and I have since started to get rid of all the random hangers I’ve collected over the years.

Cardigans, Dresses and Rompers

The lighting is terrible in my bedroom, so I apologize for the poor quality! The two pictures you see come from the same closet. Like the rest of the closets in my apartment, it has two sliding doors. The left side is dedicated to my cardigans and sweaters. As you can see, it is in the same color order as the rest of my closets. On the right side, I have my dresses and rompers. I’m considering moving the closets around with the weather but I’m not sure how annoying that would be. This has been my set-up since early spring and I’m pretty used to it now. I do love to change things up though, so it may change!

Shoe and Handbag Closets

Here are two of my favorite closets! These are also double closets, but I took the doors out. The left closet is dedicated to my shoes. The organizer to the right holds my dressy heels and slip-ons. I got rid of a lot of heels that I wasn’t wearing and filled the space with a bunch of slip ons. I’m not sure the correct name for them, they’re like a mix between sneakers and flats. (You know what I mean!) The organizer to the left houses my flip-flops, sandals and a couple pairs of flats that I’ve lost the boxes to. Up top, I usually store fall and winter boots and anything that still has a box to it. My bag closet is pretty self explanatory. My older handbags are in the hanging organizer and my newer ones are on display. In the back corner, I have a belt organizer and I didn’t know where else to put it so it’s kind of just hanging out in there.

Everything else..


I bought these from TJ Maxx during my marble pattern obsession phase. I organized them in a way that make sense to me. The left one, from top to bottom; bras, workout clothes, tank tops and crop-tops, short sleeve shirts and then long sleeve tops. The right one, from top to bottom; underwear, socks, shorts/skirts, capris, and then jeans. There’s another dresser not posted here. It has three drawers and contains (from top to bottom): pajamas, lounge tops and lounge bottoms.

That about sums up my closets. I have a coat closet downstairs but there’s only like 13 coats in there so I felt it wasn’t important enough to share. What else do you guys want to see for the rest of Declutter December? Leave it in the comments!







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