Declutter December (Pt 1)

Hello! Happy Wednesday!

I posed a survey on my Instagram, asking people if they wanted me to do a Declutter December challenge. Last week, I decluttered my kitchen cabinets and it made me want to do the whole house. While I am a pretty neat and tidy person, I also have a bit of a hoarding problem. I find it difficult to get rid of things that I no longer use.



This past weekend I decided to start with my linen closet. I pulled the doors out so you could see a full view of what it looked like before. I have so many blankets and I usually just fold them up and toss them on the bottom shelf. The comforter sets at the bottom, I rotate with the seasons. (Don’t judge me!) Pretty much everything else has just been thrown in there and shoved to one side. Super disappointing because I planned to have this awesomely organized linen closet. But, with a lot of space comes a lot of responsibility.


 I had this basket that used to be for laundry and had become useless once I got a new basket. I folded up all my blankets, put them inside and moved them to the side. This left room on the shelf for all of the seasonal candles and sprays to be moved to the side. I also bought this lovely food container from TJ Maxx because it is so much prettier than Kiko’s cat food bag. I think having just two nice containers to put things in, definitely helped! I may buy more, but for now this will do.



I don’t need much because I live alone. But, when there are sales on regular household items, I usually stock up. There are usually big sales in the beginning of each month and I missed it because I was sick. This linen closet will definitely be fully stocked at the beginning of January. I’ll take a clean an organized one for now!

I will be continuing this Declutter December series throughout the month of December. Have you begun your declutter process yet? I will be posting these every Wednesday for the month of December! What should I declutter/organize next? Leave it in the comments below!



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