Two in Blue!

Happy Tuesday!

Like most teachers, I had yesterday off! My extended weekends are always the hardest for me to get blog posts up! That being said, I had an amazing weekend and I hope you all did as well. I won’t post my outfit from today, but feel free to check it out on my Instagram!



The top is a sleeveless summer themed top. I bought this from Marshall’s over the summer for $12.99. I also bought these pants over the summer for $19.99. While it is definitely more of a spring/summer time outfit, I had to get one use out of it before the snow hits! The cardigan, I purchased a little more recently at TJ Maxx. I’m still trying to figure out the shoes I’m wearing tomorrow, help!!



This top is Mossimo brand from Target. I have one in this color and one in burgundy as well. I’m definitely going back this season in hopes that they have them in more colors. I have scarf that is the perfect match to this shirt and pants combo. The pants are from New York and Company and too old for me to tell when I got them!


Make sure you check out my Instagram for outfit updates! Trust me, all these outfits looks so much better when they’re put together!





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