Olive for Fall!

Happy Sunday!


This week, I had a little bit more trouble coming up with a color for this week. I looked through my closet and found that there were random colors that had not been worn. So I have a choice, I can either go shopping to finish the colors that I have left orrrrr I can start mixing colors. The whole point of my color weeks were to make sure that all of the clothes I had, were being worn. I think that my color weeks are going to have to go on pause until I cycle through the rest of my clothes.

Anyway,I just took these pictures about an hour ago and daylight savings is not on my side with this lighting! I apologize for the terrible lighting, I will try and update these pictures tomorrow if I can.



Tomorrow, I have these olive green pants that I’m pairing with this cream sweater top. I usually throw a tank under this sweater because it is pretty thin and has small cutouts. It’s getting cooler out and I am ALL about this weather.



There is no way to make this outfit look good without wearing it. On Tuesday, we have no school and instead will be having a Professional Development day. So, I will be wearing a tank and leggings. To make it look a little fancier, I throw this long olive colored wrap on and throw and waist belt on it. I always get complimented on my ‘dress’. It gets them everytime.



On Wednesday, I have this top paired with grey pants. I’m genuinely not sure what the color of this shirt is. It’s like greenish, grayish color. It fits more in my green week than anything else, so I’m going to say it’s a shade of green. I’m still unsure of the shoes I will be wearing this day, but I’m sure it’ll come to me eventually!



On Thursday, I will be pairing this top with these skinny black pants. It’s probably about time that I retire this shirt. I got it as a gift for my birthday…ten years ago. Yes, I really have owned this shirt for ten years and I think it is finally time to let this go. But for now, it will just be a part of my green week.



On Friday, I have this really simple outfit. I believe I wore this top in my cream week. But, I have this olive green cardigan that I got from Garage like seven years ago. I’m reaching a little here because like I said, I am running low on my color weeks. I have to starting using my many cardigans as a part of my color weeks.


I am very proud of myself though because I have worn almost everything in my closet this year. My next goal is to work through all of my shoes because there are still a lot of them that have not been worn. I am also so thankful for everyone who has read all the way to the end and continues to support my blog and my Instagram.




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