Orange you glad it’s Halloween!

I pride myself on being punny! Accept me for who I am. Anyway…thank you SO much for your patience. I see that some of you have been on here checking for an update and I apologize for my disappearance over the past week or so.


This week, in honor of the spooky spirit, my color is orange. On Wednesday, I am dressing up for the kids. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see that I am in fact wearing the same costume that I wore last year. We just found out we were allowed to wear costumes to school so that didn’t give me much time to plan.



Today, I wore this super awesome outfit. This picture does NOT do it justice, so I really hope you are following me on Instagram for my daily updates. I got the shirt forever ago and I honestly don’t remember where from. As you can see from the tags, I bought these Calvin Klein pants from Marshalls over the summer. They were $24 and they’re so comfy. I paired this with black pumps to bring out the black from the top.



Tomorrow, I will be wearing this really funky cardigan that I got from this online site, Fashion Mia. It was honestly a terrible experience and I will never shop from that site again. Hey, at least I got this really cute cardigan out of it. I’m pairing this with an orange top and blue pants to bring out the colors in the sleeves of the cardigan.



On Thursday, it’s supposed to be a little warmer. I’m pairing this burnt orange top with these khakis. I’m pairing this outfit with brown boots and a scarf. It’s super simple but totally feels like fall. Also, I am excited for an actual fall outfit with actual fall weather.



Can we make Fancy Friday a thing? I’m usually more dressy on Mondays but I think by throwing it in on Friday helps to end the week on such a positive note. I got this oversized shirt from Marshalls over the summer. I honestly only bought it because I felt I didn’t have enough orange in my wardrobe. But, I actually really love it!


Don’t forget to check out my Instagram for my daily outfit updates along with daily InstaStories on teaching. Thank you for your support!



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