Life isn’t Black and White, But My Clothes Are!

Happy Sunday!


This week, I decided to go with black and white. This one was easy for me because I have SOOOO much black in my closet. As you guys have noticed, I also have just about every other shade in there as well. It took a while, but I finally have graduated from my all black clothing. But, let us reminisce this week.



Monday is supposed to be a little chilly and rainy. Fall weather, so I am definitely not complaining. I have this white button up that I have had forever, but only worn once. I’m considering throwing on a vest with this to add a little pop of color. Stayed tuned to my Instagram to see which vest I chose.



On Tuesday, I have this super bold outfit. I got this top from TJ Maxx over the summer and haven’t worn it. I like it but it also reminds me of a pajama top. I thought by pairing it with these bright mustard pants, that I would be able to make this top work. We will see!



On Wednesday, I am wearing this absolutely cute cardigan. It’s so comfy but I haven’t found a reason to wear it. I think I am going to add a bright top to break up the outfit. What color do you guys think I should do?


On Thursday, we have a feild trip. I will be wearing my staff shirt and jeans most likely.



On Friday, I have this black, white and taupe top. I was going to use this top for a taupe week, but I don’t have enough for a taupe week. Obviously this means a shopping trip to TJ Maxx! But this top is super comfortable and it’s supposed to be a little warmer on Friday.

I have obviously decided on a new set up for staging my photos. What do you guys think? If you hate it, I will go back to the previous staging. Thank you for all your support!



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