The Color of Truth is Grey

Happy Monday!

I obviously had today off due to the holiday! I took the weekend to relax and actually enjoy my days off. That being said, I know what you’re really here for.



Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty warm, so I will be wearing this sleeveless striped tunic with leggings. I usually pair this outfit with a black waist belt and cardigan. As always, check out my Instagram tomorrow and every day to see how I put these outfits together.



It’s also supposed to really warm on Wednesday, so I again will be wearing a tunic/dress. It was originally a dress and I shrunk it on accident and now I have to pair it with leggings.



On Thursday, it should be cooling down just a bit, so I will be wearing this oversized sweater. I like this leather on the sleeves because I feel like it kind of fancies up the top a bit. I’m pairing this with black pants as well. I have to pick up new riding boots. If I pick them up before Thursday, I will wear these leggings with leather patterns on them. Stay tuned to my Instagram to find out which one I wear.



This is probably one of my favorite tops. I have worn it on every interview, so I guess you can say it’s kind of a lucky shirt. My mom got this for me forever ago from New York & Company. I again, will be pairing this outfit with black pants. I apparently only wear grey with black pants. I guess that’s the theme of this week.


Thank you for reading all the way to the end! Obviously this post went up late due to the weekend. Thank you for your support!



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