A Day as a Kindergarten Teacher

Good Afternoon,

Happy Wednesday! I figured since I recently changed up my routine, I would update you guys on how I manage my time as a Kindergarten teacher!

Get Ready

I still wake up at the same time and follow my morning routine. If you click the link, it will lead you to the productive morning routine I posted recently. I pack up all of my things and head out the door. It’s about a five minute drive and I use this time to record to my Instagram story and say good morning and update everyone on my day’s schedule.


The first thing I do when I get to work, is to take all the chairs down and set up breakfast. We have breakfast in the classroom (new this year, but probably won’t last). I usually get to work about 7am and the students arrive at 7:30. This gives me time to open up my email, Class DOJO, and anything else I will need up on my laptop throughout the day. My co-teacher and I review what we each need for our activities throughout the day.

During School Hours

I make sure to stay updated on paper work. I file away the paper work that needs to be filed as soon as the students hand it to me. I make note of which students will need more assistance and which students excelled at each activity. My co-teacher and I take turns teaching lessons and work together very well throughout the day!


During this time, all the kindergarten teachers get together and lesson plan. Unfortunately, only two of the five days actually allow us to lesson plan, but I make the most of the time. We all teach the same lessons and have split the work to make it easier. Three of us teach math and the phonics portion of ELA and three of us teach listening and learning and science/social studies. I teach listening and learning and science/social studies. The other two teachers and I take turns so I only lesson plan for listening and learning every three weeks. It definitely makes it easier to keep up with lesson planning.


I work the after school program from 4pm-5:15pm. This allows for students to mingle more. The group I have is called Kindergarten Club and only has about 9 scholars. I always liked after school programs as a kid, especially since I grew up attending charter schools. I think with all the structure at school and different home lives, an after school program is a great way for the scholars to end their day.

When I get home

I try my hardest not to do any work when I get home. I stay ahead of my lesson planning so I am not forced to do it nights and weekends. I believe this helps me to rest, relax and rejuvenate for the following day. I love my career and working with young children but it is a job that can take a toll on you if you let it. I usually go home, have dinner and relax for the night without thinking anything about work. I’m usually at the school for about 10 hours a day and I make sure to take the rest of the evening for myself.


These are some of the things I do to manage my time as a Kindergarten teacher. If you have any other tips, feel free to leave them in the comments. Thank you so much for reading all the way to the end! As always, I appreciate the support more than you know.



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