It’s Never Too Late to Change Your Spots

As the great Marc Jacob says, “There is never a wrong time for a polka dot.” Now, I know I said I usually pick a color of the week, but every now and then I pick a theme. The theme of this week is polka dots.



Happy Monday! Today I wore this fancy outfit. This yellow chiffon shirt paired so well with this polka dotted pencil skirt. The bottom had a cute little ruffle on it, which I don’t typically love but looks so good on this skirt. These wedges are actually really comfortable and I did keep them on all day. Well, I changed into flats for recess, but that’s just smart thinking!



Tomorrow, I will be wearing this bright outfit. You may remember these beautiful mustard pants from my old post. Click here to see how else I’ve styled these pants. This shirt is also chiffon and is dotted on the front and back. There’s a second layer of just white chiffon that peeks out a little at the bottom. I am considering pairing this with a black blazer. What do you think?



I may or may not have used this picture from another blog post?! So I actually wore this on my first week back for professional development but that was a full five weeks ago. Don’t judge me! Also, I definitely thought I had more polka dots before I decided this week would be dedicated to polka dots. Want to know more about this outfit and find similar styles, click here.



I have literally had this shirt since high school. We’re not going to talk about how long ago that was haha! (This shirt is so old, I can’t even find anything similar!) It originally came with a white belt but that has long since been destroyed, so I am throwing a tan cardigan over it. I was a little iffy about it at first, but then I realized it help to bring the cream color out of these pants. I’m not that much of a rebel, I promise they’re now white. Also, I picked up these sandals from my favorite TJ Maxx not too long ago when they were moving and everything was on a super sale. I’m just glad I finally found a reason to wear them.



I may have stretched this one a little bit. I ran out of polka dot outfits and I personally feel like these are technically dots. Oddly shaped dots, but still dots. I paired this top with my new favorite pair of pants and flats. I mean, it will be Friday and I know already that I will not be feeling heels!


I hope everyone has an amazing week! I still haven’t decided on a color scheme for next week. But, thank you all for reading all the way until the end. Comment and let me know what your favorite outfit this week is.



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