Keeping My Sanity This School Year!

I am slightly obsessed with learning how to make my life more productive. I watch a lot of teachers on YouTube and I also follow some really amazing people on Instagram. I started getting into this about six or seven months ago. I was planning on leaving the preschool I was at once I graduated college in May. I wanted to be as prepared as possible before I left, so I looked up the different types of schools and how teachers navigate each one. I came up with some of my own ideas and altered some others. I think I’ve found my way to keep my sanity for the school year.

1. Arrive Early and Leave on Time 

I saw this a lot on my Instagram over the summer. When I started watching teachers on YouTube, I saw they were constantly complaining about how late they had to stay after work. Maybe I’m lucky because for the most part, my lesson plans are already done for the school year. We have a new template that we have to use, but as a first year teacher, it’s all new to me. My planning comes in really as just reformatting the same information. My prep comes from practicing our scripted lesson plans. I really have no reason to stay late.

2. Remember: You’re Here for the Students

I can honestly say this is the hardest part. I may not agree with all of the politics of the “teaching world” but that’s not why I went into this profession. I am here to help each child find their passion for learning. I have always believed that primary grades have a huge effect on a child’s future. I think it is so important to keep that in mind EVERY DAY. I love teaching and I love helping children mold their minds. Take everything that is said to you with a grain of salt and keep in mind that these children need you.

3. Meditation

I guess this kind of goes along with the last one. I meditate every night. Sometimes you have a really bad day: the students didn’t listen, your lesson plan bombed during an observation, or you got into it with a coworker. All that stuff needs to stay in the building. It’s definitely easier said than done but you can not let that stuff come home with you or carry into the next day. I like to take a deep exhale right before I step out of the building. This is how I tell myself to leave behind the day. Before I go to bed, I make sure to meditate so that I am always starting the new day with a clear mind.


These are just some of the things I think are important in incorporating into my daily life. Coming into a new school, with a new principal and constantly hearing very opinionated people is hard. It’s not something I’m used to, but I want to make sure that I am not allowing it to effect my life outside of work.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end. Leave a comment and let me know how you plan to keep your sanity this school year.



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