Feeling So Blue

This is the perfect color choice for this week since I am coming down with a cold. While I love Fall, I literally always get sick when the weather starts to change. I only have four outfits this week because I think I’m going to take advantage of the casual Friday. On Fridays, we are allowed to wear jeans and sneakers, as long as we are wearing our staff polos. I’m a big baby and super lazy when I’m sick, so I am only planning four outfits this week.



On Monday, it’s supposed to be pretty chilly. We’re getting closer to fall weather and I am so excited! I paired this cold-shoulder, quarter sleeve, striped shirt with these blue capris. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I bought these beautiful booties from Marshall’s in preparation for a day like this. Pairing this with simple silver jewelry and I’m ready to go.



On Tuesday,  I’m going all out. I paired this sleeveless blue striped top with these very bright baby blue pants. I feel like this outfit is more spring than it is fall, so I figured I’d get it out of the way while I still could. I paired it with these simple blue flats I got from target. I mean, is there such thing as too much blue?



On Wednesday, I have this awesome outfit paired. I’m actually really excited about this outfit because I just love this top. It has a tie around the neckline and an elastic bottom. I like this because it gives you the tucked look, without actually having to tuck it in. I wish I could find this or something similar for you guys. It was a recent pickup from Marshalls, so you might still be able to find it. Obviously, I have to wear these shoes twice this week! If I could find these in burgundy and tan, this is all I would wear throughout fall!



On Thursday, I’m trying something new. I love this top and have it in two different colors. I got it online from Fashion Mia last year. I would NOT suggest ordering from this site. It took about a month to come and only half the items came in decent quality.  I typically wear these top with leggings but I wanted to dress it up more. I paired this top with these really dark blue slacks. I’m iffy on the shoes though. I wish I had better shoes to go with this, it may change on Thursday. Stay tuned to my Instagram to see.


Again, on Friday I will be wearing my staff polo and jeans. I figured it wasn’t fancy enough to post so I skipped that part. Thank you so much for reading all the way to the end! I appreciate the support so much!



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