Cleaning Routine

Too busy to clean? I think not. I have a simple and easy routine that I follow.

Sunday: Clean the whole house

This is the day to pull out all of the stops. I start with a load of laundry and then clean the house one room at a time. I like to start with the bedroom first. With the bed sheets freshly ripped off of the bed, the room feels like it needs a reset. I Lysol wipe every shelf and counter top in my room. Next, I head into the bathrooms. I make sure that I am wiping every last surface that I may skip over during the busy week. The living room and dining room are next. I have a cat, so my first step is to brush the couch down to ensure all cat hair is on the floor before I sweep. I also like to wipe down the tables before I sweep to eliminate any other mess before sweeping. Next, I head to the kitchen. I like for my kitchen to be clean last, so that as soon as I’m done cleaning, I can head to the grocery store. When I’m done, I run around and vacuum and mop the whole house. This allows me to spend 15 minutes a day, throughout the rest of the week, cleaning a room a day.

Monday: Bedrooms/ Office

I spend my fifteen minutes straightening up the bed. I make sure that everything is picked up off of the floor and everything is in its proper spot. I also check and make sure that my laptop is charged in the office. If I have time, I give a quick sweep or vacuum.

Tuesday: Bathrooms

I give the counters and tub a quick wipe down. I also check and make sure the soap dispensers are filled and ready to go. If I have time, I give a quick sweep and shake out the carpets.

Wednesday: Kitchen

This is usually the easiest day for me because I clean the dishes everyday. On this day, I make sure to wipe down the inside of the microwave. I also wipe all the counters, the stove and the refrigerator. I wash out the Keurig and fill it with fresh water. Before I finish, I sweep through the kitchen and take out all of the trash.

Thursday: Living room and Dining room

I put these two rooms in one because they’re so rarely used and typically clean. I Windex the TV stand first. It’s glass and my cat tends to hang out on there so I actually have to clean it pretty often. After that, I wipe down my coffee table, end tables and dining room table. I brush down the couch and then sweep both of the rooms.

Friday: Car and Patio

On Fridays, I like to clean my car out and go to the car wash. I also like to change out my bag that I keep in the trunk. I put a fresh change of clothes and make sure my emergency bag is full and kept fresh. I also like to head to my background and wipe down the patio table and chairs. Even if I haven’t used it this week, it helps me to make sure that I’m keeping it nice and clean.

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