Made You Blush (Pink Week)

Happy Labor Day! For most of us, this means it is officially back to school time! I am excited to meet all of my new kiddos! For my first week back, I’m wearing blush pink. Keep reading to see just what I’m wearing for this four day week!



Tomorrow, I have this really cute Calvin Klein blush colored top that I am pairing with these black slacks. I am torn between two decisions. I can wear my gold flats, to help bring out the gold in my jewelry or I can wear black pumps to keep the sleek and professional.



On Wednesday, I will be wearing this SUPER comfortable t-shirt dress. I love this cardigan shawl (that’s what google says it is) because I can pair it with all of my t-shirt dresses. The back of it is a rainbow pattern that allows me to wear it with any color. LOVE!! I got this from Charming Charlie’s a couple of years ago and unfortunately can’t find anything similar. The necklace is Givenchy and I got it really cheap on clearance from Macy’s.



I got this pink blush top a few years ago from H&M. I love this style and really wish I could find the same one, but I linked something similar. I usually pair this with a pair of khakis and silver jewelry. The buckle on the color is silver, so I always pair it with silver jewelry. I have blush flats that would go perfectly…if I only I could remember where I put them!!



Yes, I did stray a little from my blush pink. But all pink counts..right? I have this strapless pink dress that I always pair with this white vest. I can’t find anything close to similar to this dress. I honestly don’t even remember where I got it from because I had it for so long. The white vest was a gift from my mom for my first work interview. Suffice it to say, that was quite a few years ago.


Anyway, there is yet another 4-day week worth of outfits. Leave a comment and let me know what color you want next week. I literally have all of the colors! As always, thank you for reading all the way to the end.



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