Maxi Season Isn’t Over Yet!

Okay guys. Fall is almost here, 27 days to go to be exact (but who’s counting?). But while we have a little more summer left, let’s get through the rest of these Maxi skirts. Friday I will be wearing my school logo shirt because we have our back to school cookout for the staff and students. Because of that, I only have four planned outfits for the week. If I’m being completely honest, I’m probably going to wear flip flops with all of them.



On Monday, I will be wearing this black crop top and blue maxi skirt. Now, I know you’re wondering why I’m wearing a crop top to work, right? I accidentally bought this skirt a little too big and now I hike it up to my bra line, add a crop top and belt and it looks like I’m wearing a dress. #ClearanceRackHacks.



On Tuesday, I will be wearing this lovely patterned skirt with a white tank top. I have already talked about this outfit on a previous blog. If you want to incorporate more yellow into you wardrobe or simply find out more about this outfit, click here.



On Wednesday, I have this super comfortable outfit picked out. A simple black maxi skirt and blue t-shirt. On this last week before the students come back, I am making the most of every comfortable outfit I can! I paired this with some really simple silver jewelry to dress it up a bit.



On Thursday, I have one of my favorite maxi combos. I love black, red and gold together. I paired this red maxi skirt and black shirt together and used red and gold jewelry to pull it all together.


Are you back to school yet? Let me know! Thank you, as always, for reading all the way to the end!



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