My First PD Experience

Let me preface this by saying this is not the first time I’ve ever taken a professional development course. However, as a new employee at a new job…this type of PD is new to me. In the past, I’ve had a day where we learned a bunch of information and were sent on our way. This PD is so much different and for the better!

Now I know most of you are like, “Who cares about PD?” Fun fact, I love to learn! Especially when what I’m learning actually has an effect on me and is able to make me better at my job! This particular PD is doing just that. Its only the third day of PD but I have already noticed so many positive things!

1. They take constructive feedback very well!

It is important to have a leadership team that not only listens to your concerns but immediately puts them into action. By taking a survey at the end of each day to say what helped and what didn’t help, they are allowing us to structure how we learn to be better teachers! Absolutely amazing, I know!

2. They are giving important information that they believe in!

A lot of times we go to a PD where you can tell the presenter is not interested in what they’re saying. When they say things like, “I know you hate this but let’s hurry up so we can get out of here!” that gives you a bad connotation with PDs. When the presenter is positive and excited about what they’re saying, it’s more likely for the teachers to want to attend and learn the information.

3. They are making it engaging and fun!

Most people don’t like PDs because you’re literally sitting down, for hours and hours, reading/listening to a presentation. By getting the teachers up and interacting with them, they’re building that amazing rapport!


Tell me some things you love/hate about PD. Thank you for reading all the way to the end and be sure to leave a like and/comment so I know you were here!

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