A Week of Teacher Outfits

I know a lot of you have already started professional development and some of you have even gone back to school already. Tomorrow is my first ever professional development and I am so excited. I have spent all day getting ready for the week. If you have seen my other OOTD posts, then you know I like to stick to a color or theme each week. I figured the cream family was a perfect way to start the year. Not too bold and not too simple. Most of my clothes are either from TJ Maxx or are super old, but I will link as similar a choice, if possible.



On Monday, I will be wearing this really comfortable outfit. The top is a Nautica brand top that was actually given to me by my grandmother, so I’m not sure where it’s from and I was unable to find a similar top. The front has checkered cutouts, therefore I always where a tank top underneath. The pants are from TJ Maxx. I actually need to go back and see if they have another pair! They fit so will and are super comfortable. The shoes were from H&M and I’ve had them for about 3 years. I could only find the pointed ones online, so I linked those instead.



On Tuesday, I will be wearing this bold ensemble. This super cute top is from TJ Maxx. It is really flowy and has a really cool pattern. I have paired this top with three different pairs of pants (cream, tan, and pink) and the polka dots match all of them. It’s like magic! The front has bigger polka dots and the back has smaller polka dots. I paired this outfit with the same shoes from yesterday and simple gold jewelry.



On Wednesday, I will be a little bold. I didn’t have enough cream,so I threw this tan top in the mix. I could not find anything close to this in the same color but I will link a similar style in an olive color here. I paired this sheer top with black dress pants. The top was on clearance for $4.99 at TJ Maxx and the pants are way older than I’m prepared to admit and from NY and Company. I paired them with these bold cheetah print Guess heels. I got them on sale for around $20 from DSW last year. I paired it with a simple gold necklace and bangles.



On Thursday, I think I’ll take a break from the heels. I paired this old NY and CO. top with a pair of equally as old, navy blue dress pants. I pulled the two colors together by pairing a blue and gold necklace and earring set that I got from Charming Charlie a couple of weeks ago. I paired it with these lighter Cliffs brand flats. I tried this outfit on and honestly you can’t even tell that the color of the shoes is that different.



On Friday, I will be celebrating casual Friday. I have this Forever 21 top that I will pair with these green jeans. I’ve literally had this top since high school and can’t find anything even a  little similar. I absolutely love this outfit with these flats. The flats are a cream, green and gold cheetah print. I am just loving how low-key matchy-matchy this outfit is.


Any changes you would have made to any of these outfits? Let me know down in the comments. Thank you again for reading all the way to the end.



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