DIY Marble Countertops

All this time off during the summer, has made me super unproductive. I’m pretty sure all the teachers out there know exactly what I’m talking about. In order to get back into a more functioning routine, I’ve been giving myself a daily to-do list that is jam packed with cleaning and apartment decor updates. One of my favorite things to do so far, was my counter update.

I picked up a few of these marble contact paper rolls from Walmart. This was such an easy and inexpensive way to update my apartment. It’s perfect for an apartment building where you don’t have much say in the basic appearance of where you live. I was not a big fan of my green countertops and decided to give them a little makeover. The best part about this makeover is that it is easily removable. When you’re done, just remove the contact paper and clean the counters. Of course, double check with your landlord before hand just to make sure.


Step 1: Clean the counters

While this may seem like an obvious step, it is an important one. Using alcohol wipes or glass cleaner to clean, helps to prep the counter. This is important because it will help the contact paper to stick and limit imperfections in the end.


Step 2: Measure

There is a grid on the back that helps you to keep your lines even. Make sure you turn the paper over (see above) because this will help you to cut in even lines as you are measuring your counter space. I suggest cutting an extra line or two to leave space for any errors. Also, these little pieces come in handy when you are trying to fill in the corners around your sink.

IMG_0109 (1)

Step 3: Peel and Stick

Pick a corner and begin to peel. This is also really easy because there’s a tab on one side at all times to help you peel the paper off. Make sure this is even before you start to peel the rest of the paper. I combined this step because it is so much easier to peel as you go. I tried this a couple of different ways and found it easier to peel a little at a time so that the Con-Tact paper wasn’t folding and sticking together. This will also help you to keep it even and minimize bubbles.

Finishing Touches

Look at that, 3 easy steps and you’re done! When you’re done, don’t forget to put the finishing touches on it. If you have an air bubble that you couldn’t get out, use a safety pin to let the air out. The hole is so small, it will be barely noticeable, if at all. As you can see above, I have three counters in my kitchen. Each counter took between 10 and 15 minutes. The hardest part for me was getting the pieces to line up with each other. If you have any tips or comments, feel free to leave them in the comment section!


As always, thank you so much for reading all the way to the end. I will have more teaching related content coming soon. 10 days and counting until I go back! I can’t wait!

Much love,


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