Graduating College DEBT FREE!

Believe it or not, it is possible. A lot of times, people lead us to believe that we have to go into debt in order for it to pay off in the end. That is not the case and we have to stop thinking like that. There are so many other routes and choices to take rather than to immediately go out and take a loan. One of the easiest ways to earn money during college, is to become a waitress. Flexible schedules and quick and easy money.

The Beginning

I started at a local community college full time. Waitressing is a great source of quick and easy income. I put away half of my money into savings and used the other half for bills and miscellaneous things. When each new semester started, I was able to pay my tuition in full. The reason I suggest starting at a community college, is because of the cost. The cost is typically a tenth of the leading school and the credits transfer just the same. (Check to make sure the classes transfer BEFORE signing up for them.)

The Middle

I had the opportunity to transfer to a cohort program. This was a 4 year school that was linking up with the local community college in order to help the students. The tuition cost was only slightly more expensive than it was to attend the community college. How a cohort program works is you take classes online or at your local community college, but you are still enrolled at the 4 year school. I was able to transfer a lot of my credits over, wiping a year off of my Bachelor’s degree. By the time I graduated, school was already completely paid for. Again, I was able to do this while waitressing.

The End

I am currently in the process of applying for grad school. I will be honest I am very torn. I can go to my dream school, which is a private school and work my butt off to afford it. Or, I can settle for a local state university. I am torn because I have worked so hard to remain debt free but I also have dreamt of going to this school since I was a little girl. The people that I have talked to about this make me feel stupid for wanting to go to a private school, but I don’t know if I want to give up this dream I’ve always had. What do you think?


Feel free to leave your opinions down at the bottom. I would love to hear about your journey in paying for college. As always, thank you so much for reading to the end and I look forward to hearing from you all!

Much love,


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