Yolo Yellow

I named this post Yolo Yellow because that is the name of my nail polish and it matches my chiffon shirt so well. Today happened to be a day that I overslept and did not have much time to prep my outfit. This is one of the reasons it is important to stick to a color of the week. Seeing as yellow is this week’s color, I went to that section of my closet and didn’t have to think too much about what to wear. Yes, my closet is color coordinated!! Do it! It’ll make your life so much easier.

I pulled out a yellow chiffon shirt and a pair of black cropped leggings. I will admit, this is one of my lazier outfits and is only okay because I work at a preschool. I did dress it up with a pair of patterned slip-ons. I added a black and gold rope chain necklace and bangles. Sometimes a simple outfit just needs a little something extra to make it look special. This outfit was great for the summer heat and was super easy to throw together in a rush!

The items linked are similar in style. The brand of my shirt (that I also bought in lavender) is called Pink Rose. I paid $9.99 for my top and the one linked is only $6.99. Would you judge me if I bought it? My leggings are VS brand linked here and definitely pricier, so I tried to link a similar style but for a lower cost. My shoes are Dr. Scholl’s and I was unable to find them on their website. They are super old so I just linked a style I would wear with this outfit. I do think the pattern helped to jazz up the outfit though.



Thank you again for reading through to the end of my blog! I look forward to sharing more content with you!

Much love,



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