Summer Yellow OOTD

It’s summer time! Some of us are summer school teachers and some of us, like me, work at a year-round preschool! I have always struggled with finding something professional to wear in this hot summer heat! One way that I set up my outfits for the week is by choosing a color. This makes it easy for days that I wake up late and did not prep an outfit the night before. Sticking to a color for the week helps me to feel more organized and ensures clothes that I don’t wear often (anything other than black) are still being worn. Since it is summer, I have decided to incorporate yellow into each outfit for this week. Most of my clothes are bought at TJ Maxx because that is literally my heaven in a building! That being said, it does make it difficult to find the exact item. I will post pictures of what I wore and try to include links that are similar to the items I have.


Monday:  Today I paired a beautifully patterned maxi skirt with a white tank top. This makes it perfect for work and enjoying the weather after. My school is pretty well air conditioned, so I covered it up with a dark blue cardigan to bring out the blue in my skirt. I added a mustard colored bag to accent the yellow. Throw in some blue flats and gold jewelry and I’m done. This is a great way to throw in some yellow without it being too overwhelming!

I linked items either based on the same style, color or price. The dark blue cardigan is he same color but a different style. It is also approximately what I paid for my cardigan at TJ Maxx. The mustard colored bag is the same price but not the same style. I also got this Steve Madden bag at TJ Maxx and it was $39.99. The blue flats that are linked are a similar style but definitely more than I paid because I got them at, you guessed it, TJ Maxx. The maxi skirt that I linked would be awesome if you had a yellow or white cardigan. Incorporate the same colors with a slightly different style!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through to the end! I can’t wait for you to read my next blog!

Much love,


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