I Got the Call!

Last Monday, I got the call for my first placement child. It's hard to explain exactly how I felt, but nausea was probably the first physical feeling. While this may not sound like the happy story you thought you were going to get, just wait for it. It's coming! Immediately after the nausea, I felt... Continue Reading →

Keeping My House Clean!

Good Afternoon and Happy Sunday! Today, I'm back with my new cleaning routine. As you all know, I have moved my house around a bit to make way for my first foster care placement. With a new child, comes new cleaning habits. I live alone right now and do laundry once a week and slowly... Continue Reading →

Becoming a Foster Mama

Happy Sunday! This year marks the beginning of a lot of new things happening my life. The biggest change of all is that I will soon be a foster mom. This has been something I've wanted to do for a really long time and am finally able to pursue. Seeing as this Tuesday will be... Continue Reading →

New Routines!

Good morning and happy Tuesday! I just returned from my final vacation of the summer and I have about three weeks left until school starts back up. It's probably time that I start getting myself back into a routine. Let's start with my new wake-up time of 4:30 am. That's right, I said it, 4:30... Continue Reading →

August Budget Plan!

Good afternoon and Happy August! Let's start by telling you my August budget plan. I have looked through so many different budget plans and I THINK I have found one that works. I say think because you never know until it happens. I downloaded a new app called 'GoodBudget'. The basic version is free but... Continue Reading →

Happy Anniversary?!?

Good Evening and Happy Sunday! I have been away for wayyyyy too long, but I'm back. Today is actualy my one year anniversary on this website and my posts lately have been less than exciting. Well, my goal is to come back stronger than ever and I have so much to catch you guys up... Continue Reading →

All These Stripes!

Happy Sunday! I'm coming to you a bit late today, but I'm hoping these quality pictures will make up for it. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen the photoshoot I had this morning just for you guys! Monday I have worn this outfit before and I will link the week in... Continue Reading →

Teacher Interview!

Happy Thursday! Last week, I was asked to do a interview by a student going to school to become a teacher. If you are in school for teaching, then you will also have to do an interview similar to this at some point. I decided to share my answers here because I hope that it... Continue Reading →

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